Daily Bible Reading

Christians believe the Bible is the very Word of God. Jesus said we shouldn't live on physical food alone but rather we should live daily off of every word of this book given to us by God. So we believe it's absolutely necessary to have some kind of pre-determined plan of how we, as followers of Jesus, intend to nourish our souls on this living Word. Have you ever heard of an olympic athlete whose training regimen is to practice his craft just whenever he feels like it?

Three Stream Plan

There are many Bible-reading plans, we'd like to offer up this plan created in house. It tackles the Old Testament chronologically, while taking you slowly through the Gospels, and covering the rest of the New Testament in a digestible daily dose. Begin reading anytime, and in one year you will have read every word of the Bible!

One strength of this plan is that it doesn't pretend that you're not gonna have busy days, forget to do your reading, and potentially send yourself into a downward spiral as the unread chapters mount up. There are built in stop days every 3-5 days for catching up, re-reading and meditating on a meaningful passage, or reading another spiritually edifying book. Those days are marked "selah" which was the Hebrew word used in the Psalms meaning "Stop and think about that".

Moving chronologically through the Old Testament brings together scattered fragments into one Story, reading King David's prayer of grief and repentance in Psalm 51 alongside the story of his adultery with Bathsheba. Or understanding the various minor prophets call for renewal alongside the good king/bad king motif of Chronicles. Or watching Daniel in captivity, full of hopeful prayer that the time has finally come for God to restore His people, segway right into Ezra and Nehemiah's rebuilding of the temple and the walls.

The plan walks slowly and carefully through the life of Jesus, about a paragraph of reading from the Gospels: a nice digestible nugget, if you will. Lastly, it tackles about a chapter a day of the rest of the New Testament, just enough of a chunk to see that Paul is formulating an argument. brick by brick, premise by premise.

Consider how you intend to pursue God and hear His voice this year.  He's so worth it!