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Checking things out? Welcome! We realize that engaging a new church can be a little intimidating and meeting new people can be  uncomfortable. But at CrossPointe Downtown, we’d like to help alleviate some of that potential uneasiness. The following is intended to give you a sense of what you can expect when attending the Sunday Gathering and we’d love to talk with you personally if you’d like more detailed information. 

Sunday Gatherings

We meet on Sunday mornings at 9:30am, and encourage you to come as you are. It is our hope that you’ll find an environment that is welcoming and authentic. About an hour and fifteen minutes is spent together, worshiping God through singing, biblical teaching, and participation in weekly communion.

Meet CrossPointe

Every other month we host an outdoor lunch in order to get to know others and share a brief overview of our mission and vision. We take careful measures to ensure food is provided in a safe way for everyone. This is an opportunity for us to meet you, you meet us, and to hear more about what God is doing in both our lives! 

Things you may be asking...

What about kids?

Believing that children are a gift from God, CrossPointe is a kid-friendly church. If you have children from infants through Kindergarten, you’ll be invited to bring them to the kids area of the church on Sunday morning. A group of qualified children's ministry leaders will check in, care for, and teach your kids using The Gospel Project curriculum while you participate in the service. Every children's volunteer has undergone a background check and works hard to maintain a safe environment. 

What if you're not used to attending a church service?

Most all of us have been there. It's our hope and prayer that as you attend the Sunday Gathering, you'll experience relational connectedness while exploring the truth of Christianity with us. Questions are encouraged. The doubter, the disillusioned, and the disconnected are welcome. We are not a group of people who have everything together, but have found hope in who Jesus is and what He has done.

What happens outside of Sunday Gatherings?

The church is more than just a Sunday gathering. We invite you to connect with a community group to share in life with others and volunteer your valued gifts to serve God and others. Learn more about becoming a partner of CrossPointe and engage in the vision God has for Orlando and beyond!

What if I don’t feel comfortable meeting in person yet?

We understand that everyone’s capabilities and comfort levels vary surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. As a way to serve as many as we can, we provide an online experience of our service which can be watched from anywhere. While we do not believe this can ever replace the Church assembling together, we want to always use every means available to connect with others.